From Barbie to Batman: The Branded Toy event returns to Aldi November 28 3 years ago

From Barbie to Batman: The Branded Toy event returns to Aldi November 28

There's something for everyone.

Christmas shopping can be stressful. From the food shop to buying presents it can feel like the list is never ending.

I love when I can get just about everything in the one go. Throw the turkey in the trolley along with the toys and with Aldi's upcoming Branded Toys event that might just be possible.


Whether your child loves superheroes, Hatchimals or Hot Wheels there's something for every child.


As well as having a great selection of branded toys there's also a great variety of toys for every age range from the tots to the teens.



Some items that have been must haves for the last couple of years will also be making an appearance including LOL Surprise Biggie Pets.


There's a big focus on science this year with robots, telescopes and microscopes hitting stores nationwide.


A very funky looking Babysitting Barbie will also be hitting shelves along with her tiny companion and sporty two seater car.

€22.99 each

Last but not least child size versions of the beloved Henry and Hetty hoovers. I have a real Henry at home that the kids are absolutely obsessed with so getting them their own might be a good idea.

There would definitely be less arguments when they both want to use it at the same time.

The above products and more are available in 139 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, November 28.