This weighted blanket helps children with Sensory Processing Disorder sleep 4 years ago

This weighted blanket helps children with Sensory Processing Disorder sleep

Ever wish there was a blanket that could help your child relax and get a good sleep?

Well, lucky for us, there absolutely is.

This weighed blanket by YnM provides all the sensation of being held while trying to go to sleep without actually having to have someone in the bed next to you.

The dream.

And it's also proven to be pretty popular with parents whose children have trouble getting to sleep for many reasons.

According to the product's description, not only does the blanket help you sleep better, but it can also alleviate anxiety.

It's also apparently been a lot of a help to those living with OCD, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder.


The blanket is meant to be equal to 10 percent of your body weight so the idea is that you order according to your own weight, wrap yourself in the 100 percent cotton fabric, and have the best sleep of your life, we guess.

Sounds good to us.

The weighted blanket has received some pretty decent reviews on Amazon too, with users detailing how well they slept beneath it.

"My wife loves (this), it really made her fall asleep," said one user.

"I love this thing next time I'll get a bigger size but weighted perfect," said another.

A couple of reviewers even said that the product helped their insomnia.

The blankets tend to be expensive enough too with most on Amazon seeming to start from $150.

And while none of those ones actually ship to Ireland (rude), a company called Sensorex does.

They sell blankets for adults and children and they're about the same price as those featured on Amazon.

However, if you spend more than 200 quid, they'll give you free shipping.