Brace yourself: The brand new toy bound to top wish-lists this Christmas 1 year ago

Brace yourself: The brand new toy bound to top wish-lists this Christmas

Only two more months to go, guys!

It's hard to believe, we know – we feel it was literally summer holidays too. But Christmas really is coming, and if your kids are anything like our kids, they will be starting to assemble their (lengthy) wish-lists for Santa sooner rather than later.

And having just had a sneak peak at the brand new 2018 Barbie Dreamhouse that is only out this year – well, let's just say, poor Santa's back will be broken come Christmas Eve, as he'll no doubt be hauling a fair few of these around to eager girls (and boys).

And it's easy to see why the new Dreamhouse will be such a hit.

Decorated in classic (pink) Barbie syle, the modern 3-storey Dreamhouse is packed with exciting features, and has both lights and sound.

Barbie and her entourage will have eight chic rooms to chill out in, including a home office, a carport and, of course, a working lift – and a swimming pool which you can fill with water (for all the pool parties she'll be throwing).

In the bathroom, Barbie's toilet will really flush, and when you put the frying pan on to make some eggs for breakfast, the stovetop will sizzle and when Barbie fancies a cuppa, the kettle will whistle when it's boiling.

The house also comes with a ton of furniture and accessories, bound to yield hours of play and fun.

Have fun arranging the furniture to create a stylish lounge, dining room or deck. The fridge turns into a food stand and the oven transforms into a BBQ for summer pool parties. Turn the couch into a bunk bed and the coffee table into a Chelsea-sized bed for the perfect sleepover. The desk even becomes a fireplace for cosy nights in!

The Barbie Dreamhouse retails for €299.99 in Smyths Toys