You can now buy your kids a mini Dyson hoover that actually works 1 month ago

You can now buy your kids a mini Dyson hoover that actually works

Dreaming of having a little more help around the house?

Well –now you can.

Because the genius people at Dyson – bless them – have created a child-sized Dyson hoover that actually works!

The super-cute Hoover is a direct replica of Dyson’s latest handheld DC59 model – and basically means that while your child is play cleaning just like mum – he or she is, in fact, actually cleaning!

According to the product’s description, its features include “realistic sounds” and a “simulated cyclone action” with moving colourful balls in a clear cylinder.

It can transform from a floor vacuum into a handheld unit, meaning your little one will be able to reach even the tightest of spots.


Here is what the product description on (where you can pick one up for just €27.99!) says:

"This lovely and realistic Dyson vacuum is perfect for keeping your playhouse clean or for helping the grown ups with the cleaning chores arond the home. Exclusive yellow and purple Dyson. The Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner has been designed to pick up small pieces of paper waste and beads. This also links to a removable dustbin at the back which can also be emptied just like the real thing!"

Well, we don't know about you, but we are thinking this toy sounds like a total win-win situation – for everyone!