You can pick up a full school uniform at Lidl for less than €5 next week 8 months ago

You can pick up a full school uniform at Lidl for less than €5 next week

The Lidl school uniforms are back!

With the schools planning to reopen in September we're all going to be stocking up on school supplies and of course buying new school uniforms.

Lidl have become well known for their affordable range of school uniforms and you'll be delighted to know that they will be back in stores next week!

Lidl Ireland’s affordable Back to School range will hit stores nationwide from Monday 6th July with a full uniform (depending on what you need) starting at just €5.

With the stress of schools closing suddenly in March, Lidl has made the back to school season even easier for families this year.

Dress your little one head to toe in Lidl’s high quality, low cost range where you can get everything you need including trousers, a sweatshirt and a pack of two polo shirts for just €5, taking the pressure out of shopping for back to school.


Lidl will also be stocking a range of back-to-school face masks.

Lidl’s bestselling range of back to school essentials will be available in all 163 stores nationwide from Monday 6th July while stocks last.

Full price list below:

Kids' Face Mask 4.99

Kids' Leather School Shoes 6.99

Kids' Socks 2.49


Kids' Knee Highs 2.99

Kids' School T-Shirts 2.49

Kids' Vests 2.99

Kids' School Joggers 3.49

Kids' Tights 4.49

Kids' School Sweatshirt 0.99

Kids' School Polo Shirts 1.99

Kids' School Cardigan 3.99

Kids' School Trousers  1.99

Kids' Pac A Mac 7.99

Kids' School Shirts 3.49