Child-friendly New Years: 5 sweet ways to ring in the new year with young kids 6 months ago

Child-friendly New Years: 5 sweet ways to ring in the new year with young kids

Tomorrow night is the biggest celebration of the year.

A new year is about to commence, and of course that worth a bit of a celebration.

For most of us with young kids, though, this evening is celebrated at home, rather than out at parties or nightclubs, like back in the day.

But don't worry parents, there are plenty of ways to include the kids in the celebration (whether they can make it until midnight or not).

Here are five kid-friendly ideas to count in the new year with your littles in style:

1. Have fun with party food

Skip regular dinner (New Years Eve is not the time for spaghetti or chicken nuggets), and instad serve up a delicious feast of mini-bites you will all love. Think mini pizzas, starters, pigs in a blanket, dips, vegetable dippers and any food you can serve on a stick.

And don't skip dessert! Fairy bread, cake pops or marshmallows on a stick – or what about strawberries or other types of fruit and berries dipped in chocolate? Go to down – they will love this treat!


2. DIY bubbles for kids

A celebration deserves some bubbles. And for kids, some apple juice topped up with sparkling water will go down a treat. Don't forget to serve it in some special glasses too.

3. Plan your new year

The new year is a time for setting some goals, and why not get the kids involved (if they are old enough to have an opinion, that is). Talk about what you want the new year to be like, write it down even. Where do you want to travel? What to you want to accomplish? Set your goals and work together as a family to achieve them.

4. Game night

Ring in the new year with some fun family, age-appropriate games. Children love playing games with mum and dad, so root out Twister, Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary – or whatever else board games and other games you have in your collection. Have prizes for winners to make it extra fun. Alternatively, a scavenger hunt in the garden will no doubt go down a treat too.

5. Early countdown

For really young kids (or if you operate on a very strict bedtime schedule), you can now celebrate the countdown to mightnight hours before it actually happens thanks to Netflix, which have created a 'Countdown' for kids for this very reason.