A cool chocolate alternative to Easter eggs for a completely plastic-free Easter 3 weeks ago

A cool chocolate alternative to Easter eggs for a completely plastic-free Easter

A great idea.

This lent I've been attempting to go completely plastic free.

It's been challenging but slowly but surely my whole family are cutting down on the amount of plastic waste that we produce.

My hope would be that this isn't just for Lent, that it's something that we can carry the whole year through, so it would be pretty ideal to have a plastic free Easter after our plastic free Lent.

It's not always easy to find plastic free alternatives to Easter Eggs but there are a few around including PLAYinCHOC.

Christmas edition

PLAYin CHOC is a beautifully-designed chocolate and surprise-toy set little ones will love - and that also loves the planet.

The 100 per cent organic, vegan, GM-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, free of refined sugar, home-compostable, plastic-free, is locally-made and the perfect way to celebrate Easter with the kids without producing any plastic waste.


Not only is PLAYinCHOC a delicious chocolate treat but there are also 60 different toys to collect.

This includes 18 dinosaurs, 18 woodland animals, 18 endangered animals, and 6 rabbits.

My kids used to love Kinder Surprise eggs but I stopped buying them due to how much waste they were creating, half the time the toys would end up being chucked in the bin, not to mention the plastic egg that all the toys come in.

That shouldn't mean that they can't have a surprise type treat from time to time and PLAYinCHOC is defintely a good alternative.

I love finding new sustainable products, especially when it comes to kids so I'll keep you updated on any other eco-friendly Easter alternatives that I find.

The PLAYinCHOC ToyChoc Box is priced at €3.49 and is available from eco-friendly retailer Jiminy. You can even order them online from their website for a completely hassle free Easter.