Crafty mum comes up with super-simple trick to help children pour milk without spilling 1 year ago

Crafty mum comes up with super-simple trick to help children pour milk without spilling

We have all been there.

Kids love taking matters into their own hands, and we all know that raising them to be able to do things for themselves is important.

However, when this means pouring their own drink, and you just know you are about to end up with a floor full of milk spills, well, it's hard not to want to intervene and help them out.

Which is why the internet – myself included – is going crazy for one mum's nifty anti-spillage trick.

By removing the top of her milk bottle and added the lid for her ketchup bottle.

Yes, really.

Speaking to Kidspot, Kate Anderson explains that she discovered the hack by chance when she was washing up old bottles ready for recycling and accidentally screwed the lid of a ketchup bottle on to a carton of milk.

She then transferred the lid to a new bottle of milk in her fridge and found it was far easier to pour and 'so controlled'.

“It was only by chance that it worked really, I was washing out all the bottles ready for recycling and I was distracted and put the sauce bottle lid on the milk bottle and that’s when it hit me... can I save entire bottles of milk?”

To test her theory out, the Anderson got her seven-year-old to test the bottle trick out.

“I really thought I was the only one who didn’t know this, but posted it just in case others didn't know," she explains.


"I wasn’t expecting anything from it. My kids love it they think they are so grown up."

The crafty mum's tip was shared by the Happy Mum Happy Child website, and needless to say, other parents were quick to praise Anderson for the clever hack.

"That's such a great tip! For me as much as the independent toddler!" one mum wrote.

A second added: "This is genius!" and another said: "This is awesome!"

What do YOU think, parents? Had YOU ever tried this hack out before?