How badly-made Halloween costumes can cause catastrophic injuries 2 years ago

How badly-made Halloween costumes can cause catastrophic injuries

Halloween is a great time of year: the kids are back in school and the evenings are crisp.

These days, the whole family tends to get dressed up for spooky celebrations too - regardless of whether you go trick or treating or not.

However, Halloween costumes are also potentially hazardous if they're not made properly or haven't undergone the necessary safety tests.

It's something that Strictly presenter Claudia Winkleman is acutely aware of: three years ago, her daughter Matilda's supermarket-bought witch's costume was set alight by a pumpkin candle.

The now 10-year-old spent weeks in hospital and had to have several operations. Claudia later described the incident as "life-changing".

A witness at the time says that Matilda's clothing turned into a "crackling ball of flame" and then melted onto her skin.

Every year, the National Standards Authority Ireland urges parents to only purchase costumes that are flame resistant.

It's a message worth reiterating now as mums and dads buy seasonal outfits for their children.

Maurice Buckley of the NSAI has said previously that the CE mark on costumes shows that the manufacturer has complied with safety regulations.

"The label doesn’t mean that these items won’t catch fire, but it does indicate that they will resist burning and they should extinguish quickly once you get them away from the fire source.

"At this time of year I would ask parents to look out for these marks, particularly since the standards are there for your safety and your children’s," he added.