Got a toddler on your hands? Here are seven clever products that'll make your life easier 3 years ago

Got a toddler on your hands? Here are seven clever products that'll make your life easier

If you have ever had a toddler on your hands, you are probably well aware that with these creatures, you need all the help you can get.

And if you have a toddler living in your house at the moment, or know a friend who could do with some toddler hacks up her sleeve, this one if for you.

If you haven't got these already, here are seven toddler-approved gadgets you will not regret investing in:

1. These cups that hang on the fridge so your toddler can get their own water

Life just got easier, huh?

Get them here.


2. This Ms. Food Face plate that makes even picky-eating toddlers look forward to meal time

Because toddlers are notoriously tricky when it comes to food.


Get them here.


3. This plastic lid that turns any cup or glass into a sippy cup

This will save your sanity when eating out.

Get it here.


4. This portable potty that lets your toddler use public toilets

Goodbye anti-bacterial wipes.


Get it here.


5. This portable paper race track that will entertain you car-loving toddler literally anywhere

Order it. Your life will be better for it.

Get it here.


6. This gadget that makes it easy to eat foods like sandwiches, pizza and waffles

We kind of almost want one for ourselves. No more burning your fingers on too-hot pizza, guys!

Get it here.


7. This bowl with spill-resistant technology

You can practically hear toddlers everywhere going: "Challenge accepted!"

Get it here.


What products saved YOUR sanity when you had a toddler on your hands? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie