JK Rowling to release new children’s book which will be free to read online 9 months ago

JK Rowling to release new children’s book which will be free to read online

We can't wait!

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has said that she is set to release new children’s book ‘The Ickabog’  that will be available online to read for free.

Rowling said that she had originally intended to publish ‘The Ickabog’ straight after the release of the first Harry Potter book but of course went to work on finishing the world famous series instead.

Well given that we're all in lockdown, no time like the present to finally share it with fans, am I right?

According to Rowling's Twitter feed the author hopes that the new release, which is a stand alone fairytale, will help young children get through the current global pandemic.

Given that many children are struggling with very little contact from family and friends I really think she chose wisely in not only releasing the book now but making it free to avail of.


The Ickabog will be released chapter by chapter so that parents can read it to their children (or children can read it themselves) at a gradual pace to get them through the rest of quarantine.

Two or three chapters will be released every week day starting from 3pm this afternoon (so it should already be out by the time you read this).

The chapters will continue to be released like this until July 10 when the final chapters will be uploaded.

My children absolutely love the Harry Potter books so I can't wait to start reading the The Ickabog to them.

You do not have to register to read  The Ickabog and you can dive into the exciting new tale through this link.