Kids climbing the walls over Christmas? Four fun ways to keep them occupied 4 years ago

Kids climbing the walls over Christmas? Four fun ways to keep them occupied

Christmas day can be extremely hectic.

Between preparing Christmas dinner, visiting relatives and clearing up after the unwrapping chaos, it can be a stressful day. The last thing you need on top of all of that are cranky kids.

But once the presents have been opened and the morning excitement has died down all too soon you can be left with bored and moody kids.

To keep them happy all day long why not try these four tips?


Christmas movie / Christmas specials

Keep a stockpile of Christmas films on stand by the for hours in-between gift opening and dinner to keep the kids entertained.

Like wise if you have Netflix you can click onto their Festive Favourites section for a wide selection of holiday themed films and TV specials.



I think if there's one time of the year to pull out all those board games hiding in the press, it's Christmas.

Games are a great way for the kids to pass the time but they are also fantastic for a bit of family fun and bonding.


We all love a Christmas tune or two so why not have the kids put on their very own Christmas variety show with a bit of karaoke?

Whether it's classics like Frosty the Snowman or Disney favourites like Let It Go they are sure to have a ball.

Snap happy

I've found since buying my Instax camera that it is a huge hit with the children in my family.

At the last couple of family weddings I've given my camera to the older children and let them run around taking photos and they absolutely love it!

If you have an Instax or a Polaroid camera stock up on film before Christmas and let the kids capture the day.