Kristen Bell is asking the internet how to get Vaseline out of her child's hair 2 years ago

Kristen Bell is asking the internet how to get Vaseline out of her child's hair

This takes me back.

One of the stories that my family loves to bring up is the time that I thought it would be brilliant to dump a whole tub of Vaseline into my hair.

I was around three at the time and I remember doing it pretty vividly. To be fair I thought it was basically the same as the hair gel my aunts used to use. I was wrong.

Once I realised my error I attempted to fix it by washing my hair in a puddle in the back garden which is when my mum discovered me.

Hair mishaps are pretty common with small kids. Either they put disgusting things in their hair or they get scissor happy.

Actress Kristen Bell recently came across this when her daughters decided to take a leaf out of my book and she has turned to the internet for help.

Kristen took to social media to ask for advice after her daughters got a hold of some Vaseline and proceeding to rub it into their hair.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say they had the same idea as me and thought it would be great for styling their hair. Bad flex girls.

Bell begged for suggestions on how she was going to get this impossible mess out of their hair and she got the answer.

Washing up liquid.

If I had seen her query I would have been in there straight away with this suggestion as it is what was poured onto my head back in the 90s to undo my hair catastrophe.

Bell later posted that the situation was handled so I think we can safely assume that the washing up liquid did the trick.

Now all she has to do is hide the scissors and she should be safe from anymore hair disasters.