Little girl creates hairbrush 'magic spell' to keep negative thoughts away 3 years ago

Little girl creates hairbrush 'magic spell' to keep negative thoughts away

Such a sweet idea.

The last couple of months are been very stressful for children.

No school. No grandparent visits. No play dates. Their whole lives have been upheaved.

I've been trying to work on exercises like meditation and positive thinking to help my children's mental wellbeing but it's not been easy.

Sometimes, the only thing that works is a little bit of magic.

A couple of years ago my son kept having nightmares. To stop this we came up with a ritual where we would touch his forehead every night before bed and 'take out his nightmares'.

Every time we did this he would sleep without a problem.

Sometimes believing in magic is the easiest way for children to deal with their anxieties which is why this little girl's 'magic spell' is brilliant.


The little girl wrote a spell and then placed it inside of her hairbrush.

Then when she brushes her hair each day her spell blesses her and takes away negative energy from her.

It's such a simple thing but according to her mother it really works for her.

Over the last couple of years I've seen products like worry keychains that kids carry and when they touch it, it takes all their worries away.

Even when I was a child I had a box of little 'worry people' that I would keep under my pillow at night to take away any concerns I had.

With everything that is going on for kids right now I think incorporating a little magic into our children's lives is more important than ever.

I for one will definitely try this little girl's hairbrush magic spell with my own children during the week.