Little girl steals baby Jesus during church nativity play 5 years ago

Little girl steals baby Jesus during church nativity play

Nativity plays are lovely.

There's singing, some acting, and the lovely story of how Mary gave birth to baby Jesus Christ in a manger surrounded by animals and some lads who had travelled to bring her presents.


Recently, however, one little girl decided she was going to take matters - or the baby Jesus, actually - into her own hands.

So she did just that.

And to make this story even more enthralling, the little girl was playing the role of a sheep.

Just imagine the scene, if you will.

Actually, you don't have to imagine it because there's a clip right here.


Fox News has reported that Teegan Benson decided to grab the baby Jesus from the hay while everybody else was singing Away in a Manger. 

The Tennessee girl then had the baby stolen from her by the little girl who was playing Mary.

Teegan's mum, Tana, explained what happened.

"My daughter has a great love for babies. She had her eye on baby Jesus for quite a while during the show - and she found Jesus to be irresistible."

Well alright then.

We don't yet know whether the nativity finished with baby Jesus secured in his manger, or if he went walkabout in the hands of another little girl.

But one thing is for certain - Teegan the sheep should not be messed with.