Long periods in the buggy can damage kids' posture, say doctors 5 years ago

Long periods in the buggy can damage kids' posture, say doctors

Experts are warning that spending longer than a continuous hour sitting in a buggy can lead to serious health issues in children.

The stark advice was issued by kids footwear firm Start-rite Shoes (the brand famously worn by Prince George) and development experts, Brytespark, who claim that long spells spent sitting in a buggy can damage a child's posture and nerve endings and result in excess weight gain.

According to the best advice, time in the buggy should always be broken up with five minutes of energetic exercise.

Martin Haines, Brytespark biomechanics coach and chartered physiotherapist, says:

"We know that obesity and inactivity have a significant effect on a child’s development. In fact, the Government guideline for physical activity for children under the age of five, is three hours a day.

"Not only is inactivity directly related to weight gain, but limiting movement in a stroller for long periods can effect posture, whereby the toddler is sitting in a bowed, bent forward position and slouched.

"Positions like this can be a precursor for problems as children get older."


Mr Haines also believes spending too much time in a car seat could also be detrimental to children, a reminder that kids need to stretch their legs frequently during long car journeys:

"It has also been documented that vibration from cars can stiffen nerves, causing muscle spasms and pain. Vibrations from car seats and strollers could be having the same effect on children."