We love it - mum shares hack on getting kids to behave coming up to Christmas 2 years ago

We love it - mum shares hack on getting kids to behave coming up to Christmas

I'll definitely be using this.

A lot of parents use Elf on a Shelf to keep their kids on their best behavior in December with the threat that the elf will tell Santa if they're bold.

This does not work in my house as my eldest is and always had been terrified of Elf on a Shelf so I have to just stick with the 'Santa is always watching' line.

One mum figured out a way to take the concept that Santa is always watching to the next level by giving her kids physical proof that he is and according to her it worked.

The clever post shared by Mom Life shows two children folding their clothes while glancing at the video camera mounted on the wall.

This is because their parents told them that it was a CCTV camera installed by Santa himself that he can watch to make sure they are doing as they are told.

If you're thinking that it sounds pretty expensive to buy a surveillance system just to get your kids to do their chores don't worry, it's fake and cost this parent a fiver.



I've seen these fake cameras in euro shops before, generally aimed at people who want burglars to think they have a home security system but this seems like a much better use for them in my opinion.

Many parents commented saying that they bought them for this reason too;

"We got one last week and it was the best £2 I've ever spent. Kids haven't argued or back chatted me since. It even flashes!"

With the lead up to Christmas only a couple of weeks away I think it may be worth investing in one of these cameras to help keep the chaos in my home to the absolute minimum.