Mum creates brilliant hack that can prevent young children from spilling milk 2 years ago

Mum creates brilliant hack that can prevent young children from spilling milk

This is so clever.

My seven-year-old is pretty independent when it comes to fixing himself a snack and will often throw on toast for himself or pop something into the microwave.

One thing that I always get nervous about him preparing is cereal as there has been so many mishaps with milk ending up everywhere in the kitchen.

There seems to be little way around it. I thought it was the weight of the milk that was causing this but even when I pay the small half pints the spout is still so big that it's a milk massacre.


Recently I came across a mum who had a really straightforward hack that helped prevent milk mishaps and I honestly don't know how I didn't think of it before.

Mum Katie Andersen shared her clever trick, using an item we all have in our kitchens, which was then shared on parenting page Happy Mum Happy Child.


Yes all you have to do is replace your milk lid with the cap off of your ketchup bottle which any parent of a young child who wants nothing to eat but chicken nuggets and tomato sauce will definitely own.

To be honest I'm not really sure why these aren't the standard lids on milk because even as adults milk mishaps happen.

Lots of other parents commented that it is a brilliant idea...;

"Wow, this is a fantastic mom hack, thanks."

..but one mum was just delighted that it wasn't going to turn into a really gross recipe;

"I thought u were about to tell me some weird recipe involving milk and ketchup lol."

While accidents will probably still happen from time to time I really think this is a great parenting hack and will definitely be giving it a try when I get home.