Mum shares photo of 7-year-old in car seat to remind parents of car safety 1 month ago

Mum shares photo of 7-year-old in car seat to remind parents of car safety

So important.

When it comes to our child outgrowing their toddler sized car seat it can be hard to know what to do next.

Do they need another car seat, should they use a booster seat instead?

Sometimes the decision comes down to the size of the child and whether or not you think they would fit in another full child seat, but many believe that if they still fit in one, a six-point-harness seat is always the way to go.

One mum recently took to Facebook to share a photo of her seven-year-old still using a harnessed car seat and reminded other parents that these seats can be life saving.

Shared to parenting Paging Fun Mums, mum Lou described how while her son gets teased for the car seat he uses it's a small price to pay to put her mind at ease that he's safe while travelling;

"Here is a photo of my 7 year old on a long road trip we took over the school holidays. He has been teased for being in a ‘baby seat’ from his friends at school this past term.

No parent wants their child to experience ridicule BUT the statistics speak for themselves regarding children & approved car seats...especially when they fall asleep in their seats.

Take all the factors into consideration when making these choices. Don’t just follow the trend, follow the safest option to protect your family."

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Other mums commented on the post saying that not only do they still use fully harnessed car seats for their older children but that they have actually prevented serious injuries;

"My nearly 7 year old is still in a baby seat. About a year ago he and I were in a pretty nasty accident (we were tboned) and I saw how secure he was in that seat. That helped make up my mind that it's the right option for us."

I'll be honest I thought my seven year old was ready for a booster seat but reading this post and its comments has made me seriously re-think.

If you're unsure yourself about what car seat to choose most stores like Mothercare and Smyths will have staff on hand to help you figure out the right one and even help you install it.