Mum's message to friend who accidentally ran over her toddler 3 years ago

Mum's message to friend who accidentally ran over her toddler

A mum has expressed her heartache after her friend accidentally ran over her toddler.

Two-year-old Sage Wilson was playing outside his home in Texas when his mother's friend accidentally backed over him and dragged him 35 feet.

Sage's mother, Jamie, said goodbye to her friend and went inside to use the bathroom. In the brief moment that she was gone, her son was knocked down and dragged by the vehicle, suffering horrific injuries to his head and skull.

According to a GoFundMe set up by Jamie's friend, Sage suffered a skull fracture, had gravel embedded in his brain, and was partially scalped.

"He has been transported by flight to Cooks Children's Hospital where he has already had his first of many surgeries to remove the gravel," she said. "He will have to have several plastic surgeries in his future."

Sage is doing better following his surgeries, but the two-year-old still has a long road to recovery.


Jamie told the Gainesville Daily Register that she doesn't blame her friend for what happened. She also added that her son "should be OK."

"It was a complete accident and I know that. We are still friends. She feels terrible," she said.

Jamie also added that her friend didn't know she had run over Sage until she messaged her from the helicopter on the way to the hospital.

The mum asked that people give Sage "prayers, lots of prayers" to aid in his recovery process.

Feature image via GoFundMe.