Mum's potty training horror story might just be the worst we have ever heard 11 months ago

Mum's potty training horror story might just be the worst we have ever heard

For the most part, toddlers are great.

They are past that baby-baby stage; they're walking, talking, and learning at a crazy pace and can be fascinating and fun to be around.

Just not when they're toilet-training.

And while every parent undoubtedly has their own potty training horror stories, we reckon this now-viral one may be the most brutal one yet.

American mum Andrea Mangum Chapman shared on social media.

Taking to Facebook, she began by saying that she recommends anyone who thinks they are having a bad day read her post.


She wrote:

"For those in need of some parenting schadenfreude, here is my gift to you: Our dear three year old child, who is sweet and cunning and adorable and obviously under the influence of Satan, is in the process of potty training.

"Despite our sincerely half-hearted attempts and hopes that he’ll just learn on his own, pooping on the potty remains a mountain that he will not climb.

"Today when we were diligently leaving our children to their own devices, the littlest spawn felt the urge to poop.

"For reasons yet unknown he stopped the dryer which was full of freshly washed and nearly dried clothes, and pulled out a few crisp garments.

"He pooped on them. Then, in fulfillment of the evil deeds which were no doubt whispered into his ear by the Lord of Darkness, he put those clothes along with the turds he had released upon them back into the dryer.

"And pressed 'tumble'. What happened in those next few minutes was exactly what you are imagining: hot fecal chaos.

"By the time this disaster was intercepted, each item in the dryer bore the territorial mark of l’enfant terrible and the drum of the dryer was fully coated in his warmed waste."

She finished it off with a stark warning to other parents.

She continued:

"Maybe your child is being annoying today. Perhaps they had a tantrum, or a bad attitude, or burned your house down. But they likely did not put their poop in your dryer. So, my friends, be glad."

The post has struck a chord with parents, getting over 48,000 likes and more than 30,000 shares since it first went up.