The New Toilet Training Gadget That ALL Boy Mamas Need 4 years ago

The New Toilet Training Gadget That ALL Boy Mamas Need

Forget potty training toddlers – teaching toilet etiquette to older boys can feel like a never-ending battle. Now a pair of wee-weary mums have decided to do something about it.

Best friends, Mira Spiro and Sarit Nahum have created Pisher – an electronic toilet training device for kids. As mothers of boys, they became fed up with constantly cleaning up the aftermath of their children going to the bathroom.

Pisher is the first electronic toilet training device for little and big boys, projecting a target inside the toilet and activating the boy's hidden hunter instinct.

Pisher 1

The device is placed under the toilet seat (fitting to all types of toilet with its universal grip). It 'waits' for the child to raise the seat up and then a cheerful sound will be heard and an image from the accompanying book Pisher's Adventures will be projected on the ideal spot to aim.


Children will then be rewarded once they’ve put the seat down (another important skill in life) with another congratulatory noise – mission accomplished!


Pisher will be launching on Indiegogo at the beginning of 2017 to raise funds. Backers and the first 300 customers will be offered a special reduction to €44. The eventual retail price will be €63.

Pisher 2

The device and accompanying book are the ideal toilet training tool and are guaranteed to be enjoyed by males young and old.

Let's face it, plenty of big brothers and Daddies could do with a refresher course too...

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