One little girl just summed up how we ALL feel about the coronavirus pandemic at this stage 9 months ago

One little girl just summed up how we ALL feel about the coronavirus pandemic at this stage

So much same.

Way back when schools closed in March and we all barricaded ourselves (and our four million rolls of toilet paper) inside our homes, I think we all collectively put on a brave face and reckoned this would be well and truly over by summer.

Well – hah! Summer is long since here, and the world is a long way from being returned to normal.

And if you are starting to feel like you are more than a little fed up with social distancing and hand gel and face masks and this whole pandemic life thing, here is a four-year-old who literally feels you right now. Her name is Blake – and in this adorable video, she is having a good, old rant about not being able to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G fun, thanks to the coronavirus.

Just take a look:


In the video, little Blake sits in her high chair as she begins to wax poetic about all of the things she USED to enjoy before the world shut down and life as we knew it was totally ruined.

"Now everything in this world has to shut all the way down," she explains to her parents, who remain off-camera. "Nobody gets to go ANYWHERE because they are shut down."

We feel you, Blake.

"The ice cream truck is shut down, and the water jug place is shut down, which is my favourite park because it's my favourite one," she says through tears. "And now they have to shut all the way down and we can't go anywhere! Not even McDonald's, which is my favourite restaurant."

At this point, Blake's dad tries to calm her by reminding her that the drive-thru is still open. But she is having NONE of it.

"No, you can't," she informs him.

"Yeah, you can, you just can't go on the playground," he replies.

But you see, that's precisely Blake's point — if the playground is closed, then what fun is McDonald's, anyway?

"It's just really frustrating," she laments. "If you go through the drive-thru, it's just really boring because you have to wait for your food to come. And if you're inside, playing on the playground, it wouldn't be boring."

Honestly, she has a point there.

To be fair, at this stage, Blake, like us, is royally fed up with the status quo, and EVERYTHING about the shutdown has got her down — and it's leaving her with some big feelings.

"And now, everything in this town has to shut all the way down," Blake cries, "and I just don't want it to do that."

She then opines about one of the pandemic's greatest mysteries ...

"I mean, why would germs come around to people if they don't want germs to come around to them?" she asks.

(Yeah, seriously — what is UP with that?!)