How one mum came up with a rather clever way to stop her boys peeing on the toilet seat 4 months ago

How one mum came up with a rather clever way to stop her boys peeing on the toilet seat

So. Much. Pee.

Seriously, unless you have a partner with a really bad aim, until you find yourself trying to toilet train a little boy, you have no idea how much pee someone can manage to get outside the toilet bowl.

I am talking on the floor, on the walls(!), on the bathroom rug, on the toilet seat... you get the picture.

However, if you too are sick of sitting down on a wet (yuck!) toilet seat every time you go to take a pee, you might want to try this mum's clever hack.

Victoria Everest-McKinnell is a 42-year-old mum to two boys aged 13 and 11, and recently, she took to Facebook to vent about her daily battle with pee on the toilet seat. A situation, which, according to Everest-McKinnell, became even worse during lockdown.

And then she got a clever idea...

Showing an image of money taped to the underside of the toilet seat, she wrote:

"Having had my boys and hubby more than usual... the pee on the seat has become a daily challenge although they all say they lift it so I thought let’s see who does actually lift it! Wrapped and sealed very well who actually lifts the seat!? Let’s wait and see.... "


The mum-of-two decided to put a £5 note on the seat so she could easily find out who was lifting the seat – and therefore who wasn’t. And it turns out, her clever trick worked a charm, with her eldest son claiming the cash prize.

However, according to Everest-McKinnell, it wasn’t her son's first trip to the loo that day, so she says he must be a ‘part-time seat lifter’.

Speaking about her 'toilet training hack' to Netmums,  Everest-McKinnel explained that she repeated the experiment several times and both sons and her husband have all found the money.

‘Turns out it’s all of them! They each in turn (in the end!!) found money.... but they obviously don’t lift it every time.... but since the other day, they have all been lifting to check and are now lifters."

Turns out, other mums have copped onto this trick too, with @mummatrona sharing something similar she did on TikTok.

@mummatrona said she was sick of finding pee everywhere – and opted for a £20 prize for whoever found the money:

@mummatronaI’ll let you know ... ##boymum ##momofboys ##toiletseatchallenge ##wetbum ##lifttheseat ##parenting ##finderskeepers♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters