Parents horrified at child's clothing called 'stripes don't make you look fat' 1 month ago

Parents horrified at child's clothing called 'stripes don't make you look fat'

It has caused a lot of upset.

A clothing company that specializes in funky children's clothing has caused a stir recently due to the name of one of their products.

Sleep No More recently posted that they are stocking a new range of children's activewear in different prints and designs.

It was the tiger print design that caught the attention of parents as it is called 'stripes don't make you look fat.

The product announcement which was shared across their social media channels has been met with some concern as many feel it encourages fat-shaming and could lead to children thinking negatively about their bodies.

Several parents left comments on the company's Facebook post, voicing their worries;

"Awesome Looking collection!!! I just felt that ”stripes don’t make you look fat” is pretty inapropriate for young girls. Kids should never have to worry about things like that..."

"Oh my goodness please please take this down. “Fat” should not be associated with children in any way. I thought crop tops for little kids was bad enough, but calling them what you have is quite unbelievable!"

Having shopped from Sleep No More in the past I'm pretty surprised and disappointed in the choice of name for this product.

I agree with the other parents that it's just inappropriate to bring weight or looking skinny into a children's clothing line. To be honest I don't even think it would be an appropriate name for an adult clothing line either.

As of today (June 22), Sleep No More has not commented on the situation or replied to comments made by concerned parents, but hopefully they will in the coming days.