Sew It Saturday workshop teaches kids to make and mend clothes 2 years ago

Sew It Saturday workshop teaches kids to make and mend clothes

This sounds amazing.

Sewing is a skill I wish I was better at. It's so essential when it comes to mending little rips or replacing a zipper but I really don't know my way around a needle and thread.

Unfortunately, when our clothes start to show wear we tend to get rid of them, adding to the huge amount of clothing ending up in landfills every year.

I would really love for my children to learn how to sew but how do you teach your child something that you're not that great at yourself?

By attending this sustainable workshop of course.

If you're not familiar with Irish children's brand Fancy Fawn, it's one of the latest sustainable and ethical fashion brands for kids aiming to cut down on fast fashion with long wearing, high quality clothes.

Adding another string to its zero waste bow, Fancy Fawn are now running sustainable Sew It Saturday workshops for children that will help them learn how to repurpose old clothing into new things or simply mend beloved items that have started to show some signs of wear and tear.


The Sew It Saturday workshop will take place from 2pm to 4pm on Saturday April 25 at The Hive, Ballsbridge in Dublin.

On the day, the team of zero waste experts will your child turn trousers into shorts, patch up holes, fix tears in skirts or dresses and repurpose old clothing.

For safety reasons children will not be using machines or needles on the day but will be taught through demonstrations.

Not only is it the perfect way to teach your child sewing and designing their own clothes, it's also completely free!

While the event is free all those wishing to attend you will need to register beforehand through the Sew It Saturday Eventbrite page.