Sky has just launched a new Learning from Home collection on Sky Kids 11 months ago

Sky has just launched a new Learning from Home collection on Sky Kids

A brilliant idea.

Like most parents I'm still getting used to teaching my kids from home.

I've been looking up any tips and tricks I can find online to help them from falling behind on what they would be learning at school.

It's not easy but there has been no end of support for parents globally, with many learning resources, websites and TV broadcasters adding additional learning material to their platforms.

The most recent of these is TV channel Sky which has only just launched its new Learning from Home collection on Sky Kids.

Sky has made some educational collections available on Sky Kids, with the aim of helping families who will be spending more time together at home in the coming weeks and supporting their little ones during school closures.

The Learning From Home collections are now available to Sky Kids’ customers in three key curriculum stages.

These curriculum stages will include;


Foundation: Early Years – under 5s

Featured content includes Numberblocks which focuses on numeracy, Labuntina for educational songs, alongside shows such as Ryan’s Mystery Playdate (yes Ryan from the YouTube toy videos), Rusty Rivets and Octonauts.

Key Stage 1 – 5-7 year-olds

Featured content includes natural history and science programming such as Ocean Rescue: Dive In & Do It and Maddie’s Do You Know? alongside dance tutorials from Kidz Bop and Sky Sports’ Kids Fit in 5.

Key Stage 2 – 8-11 year-olds

Featured content includes current affairs and factual shows such as Braydon Meets plus Horrible Histories and Operation Ouch.

When it comes to this new learning from home arrangement, as far as I'm concerned, every little helps so I'll definitely be checking out some of these shows with my kids.

For any parents new to Sky they also offer Sky Broadband Buddy and the Sky Kids app to keep your family safe while you browse.