Small Irish business designs t-shirts to commemorate cancelled communions 3 years ago

Small Irish business designs t-shirts to commemorate cancelled communions

Hands up if you need one?

Over the last two months a lot of things have had to be cancelled but early summer brings on the cancelling of communions.

My son was due to make his communion in early June and his cousin only last week saw his communion day come and go without any of the celebration originally planned.

It's awful for children that were looking forward to it, especially since they won't get to wear their outfits out and about but there is something else they can wear to mark the occasion.

Small Irish business Kyry Designs has come up with a novel way to commemorate one of the many events cancelled during the pandemic.

Let's face it, this time itself is a historical occasion and will definitely be something that our children will remember forever.

Why not have the t-shirt that basically says 'been there, got the t-shirt'?


Specialising in personalised gift wear for all occasions, Kyry has designed t-shirts especially for those who have had to miss out on their communion day.

Available in dark navy blue and light blue you can have it personalised to the date your child was supposed to have their communion.

It may not be the outfit you had originally planned for them but it will make for some unforgettable photographs.

You can find out more by emailing Mairé or browse their entire range on their website.