Someone made a 'food pyramid' of screen time for kids and it makes a lot of sense 1 year ago

Someone made a 'food pyramid' of screen time for kids and it makes a lot of sense

Unsure of how much screen time is OK for your child?

Well, no wonder.

Screens are so ubiquitous now that avoiding them at any stage is fairly difficult.

Tech literacy is also a cornerstone of modern life. Kids will need to understand how to use devices and navigate the worlds within.

They're also handy for keeping little ones quiet and occupied - something we're all guilty of no matter how much we swore never to let them use an iPad before you became a parent.

Still, we know that too much screen time comes with a host of potential issues from physical inactivity, delayed development and poor communication skills to a negative effect on relationships and moods.

As the first generation of parents bringing up kids who can use Youtube from the time they're able to tap a screen, there's no guide book for getting the balance right.

Luckily, tech publication WIRED has created a very helpful 'food pyramid' of media consumption for children.

Like with the actual food pyramid, it recommends certain things to consume more often than others.

It recognises that certain tech habits and content are healthier than others and helps break down how we should value different forms of media.

There are four tiers in this pyramid - from top to bottom they are: use sparingly; use occasionally; use moderately and use freely.

You can read WIRED's full breakdown of the pyramid here.


Use sparingly

Screens at bedtime, background TV and screens at mealtimes.


Use occasionally

Youtube. first-person shooter video games and social media.


Use moderately

Interactive Ebooks, movies and TV shows, TV shows and video games that encourage physical activity


Use freely

Video chats with family, resources for building and creating e.g coding apps, positive causes and activist groups, music, audiobooks, and podcasts.