The cost of childcare will 'definitively go up' according to creche owners 8 months ago

The cost of childcare will 'definitively go up' according to creche owners

Most creches have been closed for months.

Childcare is Ireland is notoriously expensive, but despite the Government promising that the Coronavirus crisis would not increase the cost of creches, some providers are now warning parents that higher childcare fees are inevitable.

Earlier this week, Children's Minister Roderic O'Gorman said costs would not be more than the average monthly mortgage payment.

However, providers say they will have to be increased due to higher overheads and more regulation.

Alice Walsh from Harcourt Creche in Dublin says to Breaking News she has been asking parents to book now for August and September.

"For the month of July, I can ease them all back but then when it comes to August I really do need to know who is coming back and who is not."


"You know people are saying 'I had a level of childcare set up while you were closed so I can kind of wing it for the month of July and August, so I can think about it in September'".

"I need to know by August though who is coming back or not because we can't operate on those reduced numbers."

Ms. Walsh said, in general, the cost of providing childcare has gone up considerably.

"There is no doubt it will increase, we do require more staff but fees were going to go up anyway before Covid-19.

"With childcare, you have regulations and ratios so the fees are definitely going to go up."