The 'Homework Box' is something which you should definitely have on your to-buy list 1 year ago

The 'Homework Box' is something which you should definitely have on your to-buy list

They will actually want to do their homework.

These Homework Boxes have been specially designed for primary school children from junior infants to fourth class and they look brilliant.

The boxes contain everything that your child could possibly need to get them through their homework and will help make learning fun for them while taking the stress off for us parents.

Perfect for primary school children of all ages it is something you should definitely have on your to-buy school list.

Last year when my son was heading back to school I picked him up the typical stationery bits over the summer holidays but never even thought of getting counters or linking cubes to help him with his maths, even though I remember them being such a help for me when I was in primary school.

To be honest, I think most parents often forget bits like these because they are not widely available in shops the same way pencils, rulers and erasers are.

Once I knew about the Homework Box I got him one and he absolutely loves it. Being able to physically see the counters and blocks really helps him to understand his maths homework.


Creators of the Dublin based business, Jenny and Karen, wrote on their Facebook page that;

"We started off with one box but then realized that depending on the age of the child there would be different needs and that is why we decided on three boxes. Our boxes range from junior infants up to the fourth class.

We felt that the older primary school kids may have thought that a box like this would be too childish for them – and as we have not yet reached that stage of school with our own kids we worked on what we know now. This is a work in progress for us and so we aren’t ruling anything out just yet."

The boxes are priced at €49.25 and can be used for two school years with the boxes designed with the needs of each different school year in mind.

The contents of the boxes differ depending on age group but each box is jam-packed with everything that your child or children will need to get them through the school year.

I would highly recommend the Homework Box to other parents and will definitely be buying the next level box next year.

If you're interested in picking up one of these great homework helpers or want to know more about them you can visit Jenny and Karen's website.