This travel accessory will make travelling with a toddler so much easier 2 years ago

This travel accessory will make travelling with a toddler so much easier

Why wasn't this invented sooner?

I've travelled abroad with my kids several times and every time I have to fold and unfold the buggy while going through security all I can think is, why is there not a better way of doing this?

Well, now there is with this latest travel accessory and yes I did order one right after I finished writing this article.

When I travelled abroad with my 10-month-old for the first time without my husband, I was dreading trying to get her through the airport.

I knew I would have our luggage to carry so it makes pushing a buggy problematic. I had been thinking of putting her in my baby carrier, but she's quite heavy to carry for an extended period of time so I was still stuck on what to do.

This suitcase was the answer to my prayers, because it allows you to use your suitcase as a travel system to get your child through the airport without needing to bring a pram or sling.


The Bagrider from Mountain Buggy is designed to simplify family travel for parents and avoid the struggle of taking both a buggy and carry on luggage through the airport.

The two-wheeled carry on suitcase transforms into a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kg/ 33lbs, while retaining its luggage storage capacity.

I was stopped by parents numerous times during my travels to find out where I got my suitcase.

The Bagrider is priced at €99.00 which is an absolute bargain considering you're not just getting a suitcase but also a travel system. I purchased my one through The Nursery Store.

This product is my number one recommendation for any parent's 'to buy' and I think particularly for trips where you're short on hands for carrying luggage, this suitcase is an absolute lifesaver. It certainly was for me.