Toddler always throwing tantrums? It may mean they'll end up being rich 3 years ago

Toddler always throwing tantrums? It may mean they'll end up being rich

Parenting a toddler is no walk in the park.

My daughter is currently in a phase of screaming near constantly and pitching fits left, right and center when she doesn't get her way.

There are a lot of parents out there reading this and thinking 'oh yes, I know that'. If you happen to be one of those parents you could be in luck.

According to science if your child is a big fan of throwing a strop it could also mean that they will end up being very wealthy adults.

Findings from a study published in Developmental Psychology found that those who are stubborn as a child are more successful later on in life.

Yes that's right they could be making up for all those tantrums by treating their parents to a nice vacation down the line when they're earning their millions.


According to the study;

"The results revealed direct and indirect influences of student characteristics (responsible student, rule breaking and defiance of parental authority, and teacher-rated studiousness) across the life span on career success after adjusting for differences in parental SES and IQ at age 12."

The study concluded that children who defy their parents as toddlers generally turn their stubbornness into a positive and stay in education longer.

All that childhood foot stomping could actually turn into them using their perseverance to get them to the top of their chosen career field.

So the next time your child is having a world class wobbly just remember that they will probably be using that to rule the world someday. And of course bring you on holiday, they own you that much.