This video shows how consent can be taught to children at any age 1 month ago

This video shows how consent can be taught to children at any age

Is it possible to teach young children about consent?

Yes, it is and this video shows just how straightforward and simple it can be.

Educator Deanne Carson wants more children to be aware that they are in control of their bodies.

When we think of consent we often think of it being an adult subject but it's something that affects children too.

Often times children are more pressured to share their bodies when they don't want to than adults ever are.

This can be something as simple as being forced to hug a relative when doing so makes them feel uncomfortable.

Carson and her team demonstrated using a teddy how we should all ask before touching others.

She brought a teddy to each child and asked if they would like the teddy to hug them.

Most said yes but those who said no were respected and not forced to hug.

Teaching consent to your children helps keep them protected later on in life.

It makes them aware of when they do and do not feel comfortable and help them identify threatening behaviour.

Boundaries and respect are things that my own son has been taught about in primary school. Social skills are just as important as reading for children to learn, as treating others with respect is something they will use their whole lives.