Warning: Have you checked for THIS inside your child's sippy cup lately? 1 year ago

Warning: Have you checked for THIS inside your child's sippy cup lately?

If you have toddlers or young children living with you, chances are vast that you are in possession of one or more sippy cups.

These clever little toddler beakers are a must-buy when your baby is ready to move on from bottle-drinking, and a lifesaver in that they don't spill when being dropped (or flung!) down from the table or high-chair at mealtimes.

Most of us will rinse out or wash these daily, but if you though just unscrewing the lid from the cup and washing is sufficient, take a look at these pictures of the dirt that could be lurking inside the anti-spill top. Dirt that you will never even see if you don't remember to actually break open the section that's meant to hold the mouthpiece together.


Y-UCK. How gross is that?!

These images were posted to mum Penny Powell's Facebook page, after one of her friends have found opened her son's sippy cup and found black mold inside the lid.

"My friend wondered why his son was still sick so he broke open the anti-spill guard of his Tommee Tippee glass and discovered mold inside the anti-spill top that you can't see except if you break it open. . . . He has washed it with his hands and in the dishwasher and the mildew has stayed anyway," Powell wrote in her post.


The photos are enough to make anyone gag, let alone a parent who hands water to their children in a similar cup every single day. However, though several parents have left their own photos of moldy pieces on Tommee Tippee's Facebook page, there are a number of customers countering, saying that their child's cups have been easy to clean and that there has been no evidence of mold.

This is what Tommy Tippee had to say about the issue:

"We are always very attentive to your feedback, comments, ideas and the way in which the parents use our products and their children the experience. . . . We understand that the well-being of your children is of paramount importance, and we assure you that we have tested the valves of our cups, and the results have clearly confirmed that when the instructions for use and cleaning are followed, all works correctly. In addition to our instructions for use of cups, we have prepared a list of FAQ to help you to clean your cups and their valves."

Additionally, the company recommends the cups only be used with cold fluids — including water and non-pulp juices — rather than thick or warm liquids, such as milk or pulpy juices.

Have YOU ever taken a look inside the mouthpiece of YOUR child's sippy cup? We bet you will now!