Warning: Having THIS many children will lead to the LEAST amount of sleep 3 years ago

Warning: Having THIS many children will lead to the LEAST amount of sleep

Feeling tired?

Same, girl. There is no denying that having kids is a bit of a trade-off for a good night's sleep. Certainly when it comes to things like lie-ins (God, remember lie-in!) or getting to go to sleep at a reasonable hour at night.

And the thing is – whether you are a mum-of-one or have added more kids to your brood, you are probably struggling with getting enough shuteye.

But  in fact, according to researchers – there might be a link between how many kids you have and how much sleep you are getting.

According to a recent Amerisleep survey, mums of three get the least amount of sleep. Which, you know, doesn't sound all that shocking. But wait until you hear who feels like they get the most sleep: Mums of five.

Yes, really.


The survey of 31,621 people, which was conducted in 2015-2017, showed that mothers of three got an average of 8.8 hours a night while moms of five got an average of 9.0 hours.

Now, in fairness, I don't know about you, but when was the last time YOU got eight hours + sleep at night?!

Anyway, here is how Nicole Cannon, a certified infant and child sleep consultant explained the findings to TODAY Parents:"By the time parents have five children, they’ve figured out a way to maximize sleep despite the demands of their busy lives whereas parents who have three children are generally outnumbered for the first time and that may take away their ability to sleep as long."

In other words; while some mums of big broods just naturally become more chill as their family grows, others see having more kids as a reason to get serious about their shut-eye. As in; they see how important sleep is and they make room and time for it, meaning they might be more laid back about having an immaculate house or keeping on top of other things, knowing that if they just get enough sleep, everything else will just fall into place regardless.

Now; any mums of five our there who can confirm this for us, please?