We're warned about the terrible twos but really the toddler years are the best 3 years ago

We're warned about the terrible twos but really the toddler years are the best

As a new parent, you will hear horror stories about the terrible twos.

The temper tantrums, the screaming, the boldness and their love of the word 'no'.

I will admit that it's all true but the toddler years are not just temper tantrums, in fact, I think they are the best years.

Having already gone through the toddler stage with my son and currently going through it with my daughter, honestly, I wish I could pause time.

There is just something so joyous about the age they are before they start school.

My daughter is just a couple of months away from turning two and people are constantly remarking on how she's always laughing and smiling because she is.

She loves to dance and sing and laugh. Her to-do list every day is just to have as much fun as possible which I seriously envy.

I'm not going to lie she does stomp and give out if she doesn't get her way but she forgets about being angry as soon as you start tickling her or offer to play a game of chasing.


There is also no love like the love of a toddler. For such tiny people, they love big.

The moment that I get home from work she runs to the door to greet me and jumps into my arms straight away.

She loves to snuggle up with me, especially on my days off when we can sit in bed and make funny faces with Snapchat filters.

She also never goes to bed without making sure she has kissed everyone in the house goodnight.

There is a small window where our children think we're the absolute best, and it's usually before they find a best friend at school.

My daughter currently thinks there is no one like me and I'm loving it. Whenever I'm having a bad day or not feeling so great I can always depend on her for a pick-me-up hug.

I know those hugs will be there in the future but right now they're extra special because aside from her dad and brother I know they're reserved just for me.

So honestly if you're a new parent, don't stress the terrible twos and don't wish them away either. The temper tantrums are only a tiny part of them, the rest is pure joy.