Baby boy lost in Afghan airport finally reunited with his family 4 months ago

Baby boy lost in Afghan airport finally reunited with his family

Baby Sohali was just two months old when he got separated from his parents.

A baby boy who got separated from his family at Kabul Airport in August 2021 has finally been reunited with his family.

According to The Guardian, the boy's father, Mirza Ali Ahmadi, handed baby Sohali to who he believed was an American soldier, as he feared he would be crushed by the crowd gathering at the airport.

Mr Ahmadi said that he thought he would be able to quickly take his child back after getting round the barrier. However, forces from the Taliban pushed the crowd back, delaying Sohali's parents from getting into the airport. When they finally made it inside with their four other children, they couldn't find Sohali.

After desperately searching the airport for the baby, officials told Mr Ahmadi that it was likely that the child had been evacuated out of the country.


The baby was found and subsequently taken in by a 29-year-old taxi driver from Kabul who raised him over the past few months.

What followed was a series of negotiations which ultimately led to Mr Safi handing Sohali over to his grandparents and his other family members remaining in Kabul.

Sohali's grandparents are currently working on a way to reunite Sohali with his parents, who were evacuated to a navy base in Texas. In December, once they were able to leave the base, they moved into an apartment in Michigan.