Dublin Airport passengers left furious over extreme queues 1 year ago

Dublin Airport passengers left furious over extreme queues

Shocking stuff.

Passengers at Dublin Airport have been left furious at the return of massive queues this weekend, which stretched outside the building and almost reached the car park.

In recent months, staff shortages, new security requirements, and higher volumes of people going through the airport have led to lengthy queues and caused some people to miss their flights.

After several weeks of improvements, many took to social media this weekend to complain that the "chaos" had returned.

One passenger wrote: "Queue @DublinAirport for security currently goes from beside check-in in T2 up the escalator out to the back of the short stay car park and back again."

Another shared an image of the queues, writing: "Why do these things happen when I fly solo? The line for security is almost in the car park."

"Dublin Airport is a mess... people must fo enormous lines several times and run desperately to their gate..." a third said.



Comedian Dara Ó'Briain was one of the people who found himself among the madness and took to Twitter to express his frustration.

He said Dublin Airport should be "on your knees, thanking your staff for the patience and charm with which they are handling this mess you've put them in".

In a later tweet, he said he had been waiting over 70 minutes to get through security.

Last week, travel specialist Eoghan Corry told Newstalk that the situation at the airport remains "unpredictable".

"The security queue problem hasn't gone away," he said.

"They did a lot to try and organise it with rostering, and with different facilities put in to make sure people were in the right queue and ready.

"But the problem is it's unpredictable - it can be great today and horrible tomorrow. People aren't missing their aircraft as they did in the first week."

DAA recommends passengers arrive two and a half hours before a short-haul flight and three hours before a long-haul flight.

It has assured the public it is "redoubling efforts" to hire more staff.