Four Irish babies born through surrogacy in Ukraine evacuated safely 9 months ago

Four Irish babies born through surrogacy in Ukraine evacuated safely

The babies include a set of twins.

Four babies who were born through surrogacy to Irish parents have been safely evacuated out of Ukraine.

As The Journal reports, the babies - which include a set of twins - were brought to a neighbouring country where they will meet their Irish parents.

It is not currently known if the surrogate mothers have been evacuated from Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Labour Senator Rebecca Moynihan spoke about the need to ensure that the Ukrainian surrogate mothers are safe.

She said that she was worried about reports that didn't mention "the women in Ukraine who have given birth to those children or those who are pregnant or are having transfers in the middle of a war."

Senator Moynihan called for a system where Ukrainian surrogate mothers would be able to come to Ireland and have their medical costs covered.


She said: "Ireland needs to have an arrangement whereby someone who has arranged surrogacy with an Irish family can be flown to Ireland and have medical bills guaranteed, maternal healthcare and living expenses over here.

"We need giving equal and ethical consideration to the impact of this on Ukrainian women and their families by helping them get out of a war zone at a very vulnerable time in their lives."

Also this week, Ireland's Minister for Justice Helen McEntee told the Dáil that Ireland will continue to help families expecting babies through surrogacy in Ukraine.

One Irish woman who has shared concern for Ukrainian surrogate mothers is Rosanna Davison. 

Rosanna welcomed her first child - her daughter Sophia - through surrogacy in 2019. She has since shared that she has invited her Ukranian surrogate to live with her family in Ireland.

Sharing an article from the Irish Examiner discussing Irish families bringing Ukrainian surrogates to Ireland, Rosanna said: "This is great Irish Families Through Surrogacy. I've also invited our Ukrainian surrogate to come to Ireland and live with us."