Nicola Bulley police press conference leaves viewers angry 3 months ago

Nicola Bulley police press conference leaves viewers angry

'That wasn't a news update, it was a police PR exercise'

Police have been criticised following their latest press conference surrounding the disappearance of Nicola Bulley.

On Wednesday morning, Lancashire Police announced they would be holding a news conference about the disappearance of the mother-of-two.

The press conference was the first time that the public and press heard from Rebecca Smith, the detective superintendent leading the enquiry.

She was joined by Peter Lawson, the assistant chief constable (ACC) from Lancashire Police.

During the press conference, both Lawson and Smith reaffirmed that there is "not a single piece of information or evidence to suggest that there is any third party involvement" in Bulley's disappearance.

Lawson told reporters that police are still extensively searching the River Wyre and surrounding area downstream and out in to the sea.

This was followed by Smith giving reporters a comprehensive run-through of the incidents that led to Bulley being reported missing, as well as a timeline of the events and a number of other topics of interest.

Smith revealed that police had identified Nicola as "high risk" due to "specific vulnerabilities," but stressed that this was normal in a missing persons case.


Smith also criticised the press and public for "misconstruing" her statement that her "main hypothesis" was that Nicola had fallen in the river.

But some viewers were left angry at the information provided during the press conference, arguing that police had provided no update on the case.

One person labelled it a "police PR exercise," with another saying the conference was "basically the Lancashire police throwing their dummy out the pram."

Others didn't like the tone of police during the conference, saying that they were speaking "as though they're telling off naughty children," adding that this would "not go down well."


Whilst thanking the public for their "incredible support" during the case, police urged people not to speculate on the case, and addressed a number of rumours that had circulated around the case.

In regards to the work call Nicola was on at the time of her disappearance, Smith stressed it was normal for her to have had her microphone or video turned on because it was more of an informative meeting.

Smith also said it was "really normal" for Nicola's dog Willow not to have her harness on.

She told reporters: "A number of inconsistencies have been raised in relation to Nicola's dog, it was really normal for Willow to not have her harness on.

"It would've been taken off when they entered the field and only put back on when they were ready to leave the field."