Should I let my 6-year-old daughter dye her hair or is she too young? 3 months ago

Should I let my 6-year-old daughter dye her hair or is she too young?

A mum is feeling conflicted after her daughter asked if she could dye her hair.

She explained that her daughter, who is only 6 years old, has consistently asked if she can change her hair colour, but the mum said she isn't sure if it is a good idea.

Writing on Mumsnet, the mum said her little girl has asked several times if she can dye her hair.

Her daughter's hair is blonde/brown but doesn't know what products to use.

"Any reasons I shouldn't do it? If it's an I judge reason I'm not bothered, more checking in if it's not worth it because it won't last/make a difference."

Many mums called her out because she is too young to even know you can dye your hair.

Many said she is way too young, but others suggested using a spray-in dye.

"The answer is simple: No, you can dye your hair when you are grown up," one mum said.


Another added, "I wouldn't want toxic chemicals on my child's hair or scalp, I can tell you that. And frankly, it's unsuitable. Children don't get to decide things like that for themselves; parents are supposed to be mature enough to guard against it."

However, others said it'd be harmless, especially if she used a temporary dye.

"Oh let her, its summer holidays. Just use the chalk or that kiddy stuff that washes out in a couple of washes, obviously, not real adult hair dye."

"I did my niece's hair rainbow coloured with glitter for her birthday party. She loved it and it did no harm. I just used the spray-in stuff from Claire's accessories."

Another said she dyed her 9-year-old's hair with a wash-out dye. However, they struggled to remove the dye from her brown hair.

"It's barely shifted since Easter!" the mum warned.

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