Baby Girl Found Abandoned Along With Heartbreaking Note 3 years ago

Baby Girl Found Abandoned Along With Heartbreaking Note

An abandoned baby girl has been found in Krasnoyarsk in central Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Krai region by an 83-year-old woman.

The baby was left on the steps of an orphanage accompanied by a note that is simply devastating. There were also nappies and wipes, and the baby was wrapped in a purple blanket – all signs indicating that despite her desperate actions, this mother cared deeply for her baby.

“I’m sorry. I have nowhere to go with her. She is a very calm and healthy girl. This is the scariest thing in my life,” read the note.

“I will come back, and take her back. But right now I can’t do anything. We already slept on the porch…”

Authorities don't know the exact situation of the mother, but it is clear that she felt the sanctuary of the orphanage was better for her baby than the chaotic circumstances of her life. They also believe that the mother may have watched, hidden from view, to ensure that her baby was found safely.

A doctor assessed the baby when she was discovered and said she healthy but for a few insect bites.

Authorities have reached out to the mother with promises of support and help in raising her daughter.

According to UNICEF, 50 per cent of children in Russia are born into impoverished homes, and close to three-quarters of a million children are cared for by the state. Of these, nearly 95 per cent are 'social orphans' meaning that they have living parents, but they cannot be cared for by their family due to circumstances that are not ideal for their welfare.

Russia has strict adoption policies, meaning that children cannot be easily adopted by families in other countries, resulting in many children remaining in care for their entire childhood.