Immediate ban on baby self-feeding pillows in Ireland 5 months ago

Immediate ban on baby self-feeding pillows in Ireland

The CCPC has urged people not to use them.

Baby self-feeding pillows have been banned in Ireland. The CPPC has told parents to stop using the product immediately.

Self-feeding pillows are used to hold your baby's bottle and free up a parent's hands.

The self-feeding pillow is designed to hold the baby's bottle. A pillow is placed around your infant's neck and the bottle is held by a piece of elastic or a pouch.

Your baby is then put on their back and the baby can then drink from the bottle without assistance.

However, the CCPC stressed that the risk of choking and death is incredibly high because the baby will not be able to control the flow of milk.

The milk will also continue to flow even if the baby is not swallowing.

The HSE has advised against using baby-feeding pillows.


There are multiple safety risks associated with baby-feeding pillows. Major risks include choking, as well as aspiration pneumonia.

The HSE has warned parents not to use baby-feeding pillows because of the risks associated.

The CCPC has banned the product in Ireland.

It stated; "Consumers should not buy self-feeding pillows, if you have one in your home you should immediately stop using it and dispose of it safely so that it cannot be used by anyone else."

Businesses have also been told to remove the products from the market. Baby-feeding pillows are not safe products, according to the European Communities Regulations 2004.

The HSE has told parents to follow the below advice when feeding their baby;

  • always hold the baby in their arms when bottle feeding
  • always hold the bottle in their hand
  • never lean or prop the bottle against a self-feeding pillow or any other support
  • never leave the baby to drink a bottle on their own