Ben Foden admits re-marrying so quickly was unfair on Una Healy 8 months ago

Ben Foden admits re-marrying so quickly was unfair on Una Healy

"I did owe her an apology"

Ben Foden has admitted it was wrong of him to re-marry so quickly.

He tied the knot just a year after divorcing singer Una Healy.

The rugby player confessed that he was "very selfish".

Speaking to OK! Magazine, he said: "Obviously, what I did was very selfish in regards to Una. I think it was a shock to her, me getting married so quickly.”

He explained that he had actually been separated from Una for a year and a half before it was made public.

"Una and I hadn’t been together for a year and a half but I think what made it bad as it was such a big thing in the media."

"I did owe her an apology for that," he admitted.

Ben Foden


"I should probably have let her know a bit more about what was going on.”

Ben claims he is now in a good place with Una. He said they needed time to heal.

"I’m very happy. We’ve moved on from all that. Jackie and I have Farrah."

Earlier this week, he spoke about co-parenting with the former Saturdays singer.

“To be honest, the way things happened and the things that I put Una through were pretty stressful at times.

"I’d be a brave man to say I knew that it would happen like this, but I’m happy that things are getting back on track."

He added, "Una’s a smart woman, and she can be disappointed in me but she knows that we have two kids together.

The sportsman said their main job is to put their differences aside and raise their son and daughter.

Foden was married to Una Healy for six years until he cheated on her in 2018.

Foden married Jackie Belanoff-Smith in 2019.