One of our favourite Call The Midwife characters is returning 8 months ago

One of our favourite Call The Midwife characters is returning

Call The Midwife always makes us cry like babies.

Call The Midwife is a total tonic and we honestly look forward to the Christmas special more and more every December.

As viewers head back to a very festive Poplar, they can look forward to seeing a familiar face.

The show has confirmed that one of our favourite Call The Midwife characters will be returning.

They'll be back just in time for the Christmas special.

Series creators confirmed that Timothy Turner will be back on our screens this winter.

Dr Turner's son has been a fan favourite for years as we've watched him grow up on the screen.

He recently headed off to medical school meaning he was absent last season.


But luckily Timothy will return to Poplar to spend Christmas with Doctor Turner, step-mum Sheila and his siblings.

Call The Midwife confirmed Max Macmillan's return.

"In the new Christmas Special, we’re delighted to feature the return from young Timothy Turner", the show revealed.

"Max is one of our longest-serving cast members - having starred in our first Christmas Special at the tender age of 11.

"But now Max is a strapping 21-year-old graduate and, just like his screen character, is now able to partake in more interesting festive aspects of Nonnatus life."

Stephen McGann, who plays Timothy's dad Doctor Turner teased: "This year I’m delighted to be working with Max in some interesting ways in the Christmas story."

McGann said his character is eager to see how his son is getting on in medical school.

"I’m keen to let him see a little bit more of the work I do," he teased.

"But it ends up being just a little bit more than we bargained for.”

The Call The Midwife Christmas special airs on BBC1 on December 25th at 8 pm.