Conjoined twins return to Ireland after successful surgery 1 month ago

Conjoined twins return to Ireland after successful surgery

Twins Annabelle and Isabelle are finally coming home.

The family of conjoined twins has confirmed they're finally coming home to Ireland.

The Co. Antrim family has been in London following the twins' successful separation surgery.

Twins Annabelle and Isabelle Bateson were born conjoined in May.

They were joined from the chest to the pelvis. The twins also shared a bowel, bladder, and liver too.

They shared one fused leg, as well as one leg each.

Doctors successfully separated the twins at a London hospital in September and it is now time for them to come home.

The twins' parents Dan and Hannah confirmed the joyous news on their Facebook page.


"These three ladies are coming home!" they shared alongside a photo of Hannah and the twins.

"Apologies folks for rearranging this week, but they are finally getting home!

"We had hoped they were coming home last week but it didn’t happen," Dan shared.

"But my flights are booked tomorrow to go and get them," the dad confirmed.

The family hoped they would be home before the start of December, but at least the girls will be back just in time for Christmas at home.

We're so happy for Hannah, Dan, and the twins.