"It's not even funny anymore": Love Island boys accused of 'bullying' Ekin-Su 1 month ago

"It's not even funny anymore": Love Island boys accused of 'bullying' Ekin-Su

"I feel really sorry for her"

Love Island viewers have called out the boys and claimed they're bullying Ekin-Su.

Last night's explosive episode saw the actress clash with Jay.

Things kicked off after 28-year-old Jay told Ekin-Su that he wanted to get to know Paige.

Ekin-Su called Jay out for leading her on and for playing a game.

The boys then turned on Ekin-Su and called her out with Jacques accusing her of being a "f***ing headache".

Luca also said "Welcome to the doghouse," to Jay during the row.


Many viewers said the producers should step in because of how she is being treated.

One admitted that they are struggling to watch the show this week.

"Seeing the amount of bullying that is targeted at Ekin, and the sheer misogyny being spewed about her in the villa and online, I will no longer be watching this shitshow. Regressive and repulsive."

Another said, "Hmm I’m not liking the way everybody is ganging up on Ekin-Su. It’s actually not even funny anymore."

One viewer said the bullying toward Ekin is "horrendous".

"I’ve never seen someone singled out so much on the show. All because she kissed another guy when the guy she was coupled up with didn’t even like her. Really? Worse has happened."

"Can the producers please tell Luca and Jaques to back off and stop bullying Ekin-Su? Or at least encourage the other Islanders to step up for her once in a while? I feel really sorry for her."

Has the show gone too far? Is Ekin being treated unfairly? Let us know what you think.