Faye Winter slams trolls who said they hope she can't have children 1 month ago

Faye Winter slams trolls who said they hope she can't have children

Faye Winter has spoken out about the major trolling she has endured.

Love Island's Faye Winter has opened up about the horrific trolling she has been subjected to. The reality star has been in a relationship with Love Island co-star Teddy Soares since 2021, but the couple has been hit with waves of hate online.

Speaking on the Secure the Insecure with Johnny Seifert podcast, Faye revealed that some trolls said they hope she can't have children.

"We've had really tough time and we've had the struggles," Faye shared.

"I've definitely been told that I'm not worthy to be accepted into [Teddy's] culture and people hope I can't carry Nigerian children."

"I've had some really bad stuff and Teddy had some bad stuff, but it's all outside noise because it's not coming from anyone that cares."


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Faye said that all of their loved ones want her and Teddy to get married and have a family.


"Everyone that has ever met us want nothing more than me and Teddy to get married have babies."

Despite the waves of hate thrown their way, Faye says she gets on well with Teddy's family, especially his mum.

Faye explained that Teddy's Portuguese mother also dealt with similar issues when she started dating his father.

"She said that she had quite a few issues when she was with Teddy's dad. She didn't feel like she would be accepted into the culture."

"I definitely do feel like that sometimes - and also I worry that I'm not enough to try it."

"I get on so well with his family, and he gets on with mine."

"Anything else around is just noise we don't need to listen to."