Gardaí launch investigation after shooting threat at Louth school 5 days ago

Gardaí launch investigation after shooting threat at Louth school

A threat was sent out on Snapchat.

Gardaí have launched an investigation after a shooting threat in Co. Louth.

Pupils at St. Oliver's Community School in Drogheda were left horrified after a threat was sent around on Snapchat.

According to The Irish Mirror, pupils fled the school after a message was posted on the social media app.

It read: "Spread the word, tomorrow at 11.02 I will be up at Oliver's Drogheda and I'm going to put bullets in everyone's heads."

Many pupils left the school immediately, but others stayed in their classrooms.

The school contacted Gardaí after they became aware of the threat.

After the alert was raised, a number of Gardaí went to the school. They conducted a search but didn't find a gun or a shooter inside the school.


Following the search, Gardaí said they're eager to find who made the threat.

A source told the publication that Garda won't rest until they find out who made the threat.

Parents are also desperate to find out who sent out the message because many pupils are still terrified.

One parent told The Irish Mirror that their daughter is still nervous about the incident.

They said: "All of the younger ones were scared but the older kids were quite calm about it all."